Please feel free to contact us. Time in:8:00~17:00

head office TEL:+81-563-232-2944/FAX:+81-0563-32-3241

Customer support

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We have NC school program and Presentation meeting occasionally. Please apply by e-mail.

head office TEL:+81-563-32-0111/FAX:+81-0563-32-3241 Customer support Enquiry of products, NC school, product briefing




Kira(USA) is doing sales and customer support for North and South America.


Kira service(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.


Kira(Thailand) is doing customer support for East south Asian countries.*Please ask the head office an inquiry.

head office TEL:+81-563-232-2944/FAX:+81-0563-32-3241

PT. Libra Technical Solution Kira Sales & Service Department


Kira(Indonesia) is doing sales and customer support for Indonesia.

head office TEL:+62-21-880-6075/FAX:+62-21-8835-7051

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