「KONEKT」Manufacturing in an era when all things and services are connected

Efforts to further improve services with IoT for “Unstopped machines”

「KONEKT」, stands for “Kira Operating Networks Edgecomputing Knowledge Translation”, builds an IoT network and data acquired by the edge computer in the connected machine is aggregated to a cloud server. the acquired data is then translated into a program that monitors the condition of the machine, and is connected directly to the machine for remote operation and diagnosis. This is a new network service that aims to continuously stabilize the performance of machines in operation by establishing a system that allows customers and our company to provide periodic inspections and services in advance before a machine breaks down in a serious preventive maintenance situation. The infrastructure is designed for Society 5.0 and will be enhanced in an agile way.

What KONEKT can do

  • Display of alarm situation
  • Operation of CNC monitor
  • Display monitor while machine operation
  • Grasp of machine operation status