Drilling machines


 Only Tapping

Tapping Machine
Tapping capacity:M2~5mm(S45C)、M2~6mm(FC200)
Spindle taper:JT 1
Type of V-Belt:M-58,A-24

Main specification

Model KRT-10
Swing 254mm
Tapping capacity S45C M2~5
FC200 M2~6
Max. distance spindle to Table Round table 295mm
Max. distance spindle to base 389mm
Up-and-down motion of spindle 40mm
Spindle taper JT 1
Dia. of column Φ60mm
Size of a table Square table □196mm
Up-and-down motion of table 250mm
Spindle Speed 50Hz Cut 480 / 850
Back 580 / 1050
Power supply 380V
Drive motor 0.25kW 4P
Type of V-Belt M-58,A-24
Machine total height 809mm
Net weight 45kg
Dimension of base 210mm×362mm