Perfect base machine for every automated production line

Compact base machine for production line
Achieved high-efficient production line with variety of function for automation

  • Achieved high rigidity for heavy cutting
  • Compact base machine for production line
  • Perfect base machine for automation


【High rigidity】

Roller guide

Roller guides equipped with all axes enable heavy cutting.

Large diameter ball screw

Large diameter ballscrew realizes high rigidity.

Structural analysis technology

The state-of-the-art structural analysis technology achieves an optimal structure.

【Suitable for production line, Wide fixture area】

Compact design

Two machine widths, 1250mm or 1500mm, are available to save space and enable the construction of highly flexible production line layouts.

Wide fixture area

Wide fixture mounting area facilitates support for large fixtures.

【Optimal automation package】

We offer two types of automation packages: gantry loaders and robots. We propose to easily introduce the most suitable automation to meet your needs. Furthermore, both can be controlled by CNC systems on the machine itself.

Pillarless gantry loader

Pillarless gantry loader is integrated with the main unit, making efficient use of installation space.

3-axis robot system

The 3-axis robot system enables easy teaching with the minimum number of axes required and a highly flexible automation layout.


Capacity X-axis stroke 500mm
Y-axis stroke
Automation type:400mm (machining area) +100mm (loading area)
Z-axis stroke 300mm
Table Table size 660mm x 350mm
Max. load capacity 200kg (uniform load)
Spindle Spindle speed BB1 type: 50-10000min-1 (standard)
CB type: 50-15000min-1 (high speed)
DB type: 50-24000min-1 (ultra high speed)
BB2 type: 50-10000min-1 (high rigidity)
Taper 7/24 taper No.30
Feed rate Rapid traverse (X,Y,Z) 48m/min
ATC Tool shank BT30
No. of tools 15 tools (standard)
21 tools (option)
Machine dimension Machine height 2320mm
Floor space Compact type: 1380mm x 2710mm
Standard type: 1500mm x 2710mm
Mass of machine Standard:Apporox. 2300kg