Best-in-class high rigidity machine is finally realized

Extreme pursuit of high rigidity, As if #40 machining with #30 machine
High-speed machine considered productivity

  • #30 machine for cutting with extreme pursuit of high rigidity
  • High-speed specification of rapid traverse 60m/min
  • Perfect compact machine for automation line


【High rigidity】

Machine frame

The highest level of rigidity has been secured against machining loads in all directions through structural analysis technology. In particular, the rigidity against lateral load has been improved by 50% compared to our own products.


Four types of spindles are available, from highly rigid types to ultra-high-speed types, allowing the selection of a spindle that best suits the machining needs.

Axis structure

Further high rigidity is pursued by increasing the size of the linear guide and optimizing the support bearing configuration.


Rapid traverse 60m/min

High-speed specification of 60m/min rapid traverse on each axis contributes to cycle time reduction.

High-speed ATC

High-speed ATC device with a servo motor-driven reduces non-cutting time.

【Compact type, Suitable for production line】

Machine width 1500mm

Compact design contributes to save space.

Compatible with automation

The line-compatible type is also fully compatible with automation.


Capacity X-axis stroke Standard:500mm
Y-axis stroke
Automation type:400mm (machining area) +200mm (loading area)
Z-axis stroke 350mm
Table Table size 800mm x 400mm
Max. load capacity 330kg (standard / uniform load)
500kg (X700mmST type / uniform load)
Spindle Spindle speed Standard: 10000min-1 (13/7.5/5.5/3.7kW)
Middle speed: 12000min-1 (13/7.5/5.5/3.7kW)
High speed: 15000min-1 (15/11/7.5/5.5kW)
Ultra high speed: 24000min-1 (11/5.5/3.7/2.2kW)
High rigidity: 8000min-1 (13/7.5/5.5/3.7kW)
Taper 7/24 taper No.30
Feed rate Rapid traverse (X,Y,Z) 60m/min(Standard)
56m/min(X700mmST type)
ATC Tool shank BT30
No. of tools 15 tools (standard)
21 tools (option)
Machine dimension Machine height 2424mm
Floor space 1500mm x 2640mm(standard)
1800mm x 2640mm(X700mmST type)
Mass of machine Apporox. 2800kg(standard)
Apporox. 3000kg(X700mmST type)