Compact, high-speed machine with pallet changer as standard equipment

High-productivity machine with pallet changer as standard equipment
High-speed machine considering productivity

  • Pallet changer as standard equipment
  • High-speed ATC and rapid traverse 56m/min for high productivity
  • Compact machine, Suitable for production line


【Pallet changer as standard equipment】

High speed pallet changer in pursuit of productivity
2AQC type 500mm x 300mm (50kg + 50kg) change time 1.7s
2AQC type 500mm x 300mm (100kg + 100kg) change time 2.4s
2API type 600mm x 350mm (100kg + 100kg) change time 4.0s


Rapid traverse 56m/min

High-speed specification of 56m/min rapid traverse on each axis contributes to reduce cycle time.

High-speed ATC

High-speed ATC T-T 0.7 sec. reduces non-cutting time.

【Compact machine, Suitable for production line】

Machine width 1500mm

The machine width 1500mm saves space and enables the construction of highly flexible production line layouts.


Capacity X-axis stroke 350mm
Y-axis stroke
Z-axis stroke 320mm
Table Table size 2AQC:500mm x 300mm (standard)
2API:600mm x 350mm (option)
Max. load capacity 2AQC:50kg + 50kg (standard)
2AQC:100kg + 100kg (option)
2API:100kg + 100kg (option)
Pallet change time 2AQC (50kg + 50kg):1.7 sec (standard)
2AQC (100kg + 100kg):2.4 sec (option)
2API (100kg + 100kg):4.0 sec (option)
Spindle Spindle speed 50-15000min-1
Taper 7/24 taper No.30
Feed rate Rapid traverse (X,Y,Z) 56m/min
ATC Tool shank BT30
No. of tools 20 tools
Machine dimension Machine height 2380mm
Floor space 1500mm x 2980mm
Mass of machine Standard:Apporox. 3300kg