Compact and high speed, condensed high performance will change the production line

Compact base machine for production line
Achieved high-efficient production line with variety of function for automation

  • Uncompromising speeding up achieves high performance
  • Compact base machine for production line
  • Perfect base machine for automation



Increased speed of each axis

<Main specification>                               Rapid traverse 56m/min
Axis acceleration

High-speed tool change system

<Main specification>                                T-T 1.8s / C-C 2.5s

【High performance】


<Main specification>
Direct drive
Spindle speed
Standard  10000min-1 (15/11/7.5/5.5kW)
High speed  15000min-1 (7.5kW/5.5kW)
Ultra high speed 20000min-1 (9/5.5/3.7kW)
High rigidity  6000min-1 (18.5/15/11/7.5kW)


<Main specification>
Spindle diameter Φ70mm
Clamp force 8.8KN
Increased load rating of ball screws and linear guides


<Main specification>
Table size 800mm x 400mm
Capacity 500kg

【Compact design, Suitable for production line】

Machine width 1800mm

This #40 machine has a compact design that makes efficient use of factory space.


Capacity X-axis stroke 700mm
Y-axis stroke
Automation type:400mm (machining area) +200mm (loading area)
Z-axis stroke 400mm
Table Table size 800mm x 400mm
Max. load capacity 500kg (uniform load)
Spindle Spindle speed Standard type: 160-10000min-1 (15/11/7.5/5.5kW)
HIgh speed type: 160-15000min-1 (7.5/5.5kW)
Ultra high speed type: 160-20000min-1 (9/5.5/3.7kW)
High rigidity type: 160-6000min-1 (18.5/15/11/7.5kW)
Taper 7/24 taper No.40
Feed rate Rapid traverse (X,Y,Z) 56m/min
ATC Tool shank BT40
No. of tools 15 tools
Machine dimension Machine height 2680mm
Floor space 1800mm x 2768mm
Mass of machine Standard:Apporox. 3700kg