Compact and simple #40 table traverse M/C

The bare minimum function leads to optimal machining ability.
Low cost model with high reliability


  • Compact design with machine width 1600mm while #40
  • Reliable and simple structure
  • ATC double arm system


Compact design

Machine width 1600mm

Space-saving #40 machine for efficient use of factory space


Simple structure

The simple structure of the #40 machine reduces downtime of production line.

ATC double arm system

ATC double arm system ensures high reliability and easy maintenance.


Capacity X-axis stroke 600mm
Y-axis stroke
Z-axis stroke 400mm
Table Table size 700mm x 400mm
Max. load capacity 200kg (uniform load)
Spindle Spindle speed BB1 type: 180-8000min-1 (5.5/3.7kW)
CB1 type: 240-12000min-1 (5.5/3.7kW)
10HP type: 160-8000min-1 (7.5/5.5kW)
10CB type: 160-12000min-1 (7.5/5.5kW)
15HP type: 160-8000min-1 (11/7.5kW)
Taper 7/24 テーパ No.40
Feed rate Rapid traverse (X,Y) 48m/min
Rapid traverse (Z) 36m/min
ATC Tool shank BT40
No. of tools 20 tools
Machine dimension Machine height 2643mm
Floor space 1600mm x 2360mm
Mass of machine Apporox. 3000kg