Grinding Center GCV-30

『Grinding Center』specializing in micro milling of brittle material parts

Various functions and options for high-precision machining
Special machine specifications for machining brittle materials, chip prevention, and anti-rust measures

  • Specialized in micro milling of silicon, SiC, quartz glass, and various celamics
  • Many features to improve the accuracy of machine specifications specialized for high precision machining
  • Special specifications against fine chips of brittle materials and anti-rust for water-soluble coolant


【High precision】

Linear scale

Linear scales with a resolution of 0.05μm are standard equipped on all axes.

Thermal displacement compensation

Kira’s original thermal displacement compensation system is installed as standard equipment, and temperature changes are constantly monitored and compensated by multiple temperature sensors.

Other functions

Many other options are available to improve machining accuracy, such as position compensation by CCD camera system, ball screw core cooling, and tool runout detection device.

【Chip prevention and anti-rust measures】

Chip prevention

Bellows-type protectors against powdery chips of brittle materials are installed as standard. Ball screw and linear guide are also equipped with bellows type covers as standard.

Anti-rust and stainless treatment

The top surface of table is protected by stainless steel to prevent rusting, even with water-soluble, low-concentration coolant.

Rust-Proof Fluoropolymer Coating

The ball screw and linear guide are coated with an industrial black chrome coating + special Fluoropolymer coating to cover the metal surfaces with a composite surface treatment, ensuring high rust-prevention capability.


Capacity X-axis stroke 500mm
Y-axis stroke
Z-axis stroke 300mm
Table Table size 800mm x 400mm
Max. load capacity 330kg (uniform load)
Spindle Spindle speed
Standard: 15000min-1
High speed: 24000min-1
Ultra high speed: 30000min-1
Taper 7/24 taper No.30
Feed rate Rapid traverse (X,Y,Z) 20m/min
ATC Tool shank BT30
No. of tools 15 tools (standard)
21 tools (option)
Machine dimension Machine height 2430mm
Floor space
1500mm x 2640mm
Mass of machine Apporox. 2800kg