Automation package

Automation package controllable by CNC
Choice of two types: 3-axis robot system or pillarless gantry loader

We offer two types of automation packages controllable by CNC: robots and gantry loaders. We can help you easily introduce the most suitable automation package to meet your needs.

What is automation package?

This automation package, controlled by CNC, can be operated with the same program as the machining program, so there is no need to learn new technical knowledge, and a smooth introduction of automation is possible.


  • Easy operation and no need for a separate controller, as program control by CNC on the main body of the machine
  • Operation programs can be used simultaneously by separate control for both of machine and transferring unit.
  • Connectable multiple units for production line
  • Easy installation by combination with hydraulic and pneumatic package and other options
  • Installable to all Kira models
  • Capacity 20kg
  • Hand, actuator, pneumatic equipment, etc. are also available upon request.

3-axis robot system

  • 3-axis robot system with easy robot teaching by minimum number of axis
  • Simple structure with back and forth axis (U-axis)・ rotary axis(V-axis)・ Vertical axis(W-axis)
  • A link mechanism built into the arm allows the workpiece to be attached and detached while maintaining its posture
  • The best automation with the minimum functions
  • Highly flexible automated layout

Pillarless gantry loader system

  • Pillarless gantry loader with the pillar integrated into the machine
  • Integrated space-saving design for efficient use of space
  • The best automation with the minimum functions