PC-30H Bar feeder automated transfer line for long workpiece

Complete automation by installing a bar feeder on a horizontal machining center
Process integration for long workpieces from material loading to machining and cutting!

Processes for machining long bar materials are integrated into one single machine. This is a completely automated and ultra-high productive machining center. All processes from loading, machining, cutting, and unloading can be completely automated.

The basic system of automated bar feeder transfer line

The base machine is equipped with a 4-axis rotary table and a cradle fixture, and can handle up to 4-sided machining. The bar material fed by the bar feeder is clamped by the fixture. Then it will be cut and machined on 4 sides by the cradle fixture, then automatically discharged.

Target workpiece size

Workpieces can be supported up to 3000mm in length.