KN-40Va/Vb Vertical machine for Axle shaft machining

Specialized machine in axle shaft machining with saving space
Ultra-Space-Saving to effective use of floor space

End-face machining of axle shafts and other long shafts, which is done on a special purpose machine, is performed on a small vertical machining center.The KN-40Va/Vb, which originally has a compact design, has been made even more space-saving due to loading “long shaft” to the vertical direction, contributing to effectiveuse of floor space.In addition, since it is a vertical machine and column moving type, and the workpiece is mounted vertically, making it easy to loading and unloading the workpiece, and also enablesmooth workpiece transfer between processes.
This is an ultra-space-saving machining center that revolutionizes manufacturing sites.

Structure dedicated for long shaft

The front door extended opening area is installed to mount lo ng shaft to the vertical direction. The special bed is available according to the workpiece size. The center trough type structure ensures safe chip discharge.

Front door extended opening area

Special bed for long shaft

Center trough type

Saving floor space

The excess stroke is cut to minimize the stroke required for machining the target workpiece. The machine width is shortened to 1400mm by reducing X axis stroke 200mm and wasted space to the limit.It reduces the occupied area by the machine in the factory, making factory floor space more efficient and increasing productivity per floor space.

Further reduction of running costs in combination with automation

We flexibly support various automation tools such as gantry loaders, robots and conveyor loading/unloading. We can help you achieve an automated production line with higher operability.